Planning for 6th Annual Open Source Festival 2016

7:15pm, BA 349 (Business Administration Bldg) Uptown Campus 

We will be meeting every Thursday to prepare for the Open Source Festival. Come and be a part of the planning committee. It is a great experience.

Membership is open to all UAlbany students who have an interest in participating in workshops, field trips, & networking with people with similar interests.

We welcome ideas, suggestions and new members! This student chapter exists to add value to your experience as student at UAlbany.

In the past we have had field trips to local gaming companies and more recently to Google NYC (we plan to have another trip there this semester). Past workshops include: Git, R, WordPress, Javascript and of course our Annual Open Source Festival this semester.


Welcome back to the Fall 2015 Semester!!!!


Screenshot 2015-09-05 15.06.00

5th Annual Open Source Festival 4/15/15  – Organized by ASIS&T




OSF 2015 Planning Committee & Current ASIS&T Officers: Jose Febres (Co-Chair), Emily Randall (Documentation Specialist), Elliott Weintraub (Chair), Eliezer Marte (Digital Content Manager), John Scelzo (Chair), Ellie Jung, Co-Chairs Advisory Board: Catherine Dumas, Dima Kassab & Luis Ibanez


Pics from OSF 2015


Albany Student Press article


Saratoga TechTalk at Harveys 3/18/15







Field Trip to Google NYC 11/21/15

Google Trip

The Googlers: Dima Kassab, Cassie Charles, Ellie Jung, Catherine Dumas, Soumya Garg, Stuti Misra, Jose Febres, John Scelzo, Elliott Weintraub, Jake Ruth(Not in picture).