Welcome back to the Fall 2015 Semester!!!!


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5th Annual Open Source Festival 4/15/15  – Organized by ASIS&T




OSF 2015 Planning Committee & Current ASIS&T Officers: Jose Febres (Co-Chair), Emily Randall (Documentation Specialist), Elliott Weintraub (Chair), Eliezer Marte (Digital Content Manager), John Scelzo (Chair), Ellie Jung, Co-Chairs Advisory Board: Catherine Dumas, Dima Kassab & Luis Ibanez


Pics from OSF 2015


Albany Student Press article


Saratoga TechTalk at Harveys 3/18/15







Field Trip to Google NYC 11/21/15

Google Trip

The Googlers: Dima Kassab, Cassie Charles, Ellie Jung, Catherine Dumas, Soumya Garg, Stuti Misra, Jose Febres, John Scelzo, Elliott Weintraub, Jake Ruth(Not in picture).